✞ Yellow-Stripe Recordings Presents WARDOGS @ Gare

Sexta 20 de Maio // Friday ,20th May    

Where we bring together the legacy Wardogs of Yellow-Stripe for a unique and very special event.


Starting with our international guest, one of the first to be a part of Yellow-Stripe Recordings who produced well-known heavy hitters for YSR such as “Crowd Surfer”, “Revolver” or “Teroma” Remix, just to name a few. Finally back in Portugal wxpect to definitely travel from anthemic Hard Drum and Bass / Skullstep to apith an extended and retrospective 2 hour set! Eocalyptic Hardcore Dnb smashers!!!!


For this event we’ll also have the return of one the faces of our dear Portostep genre – we are of course talking about badboy FRAGZ! Back on the militia decks with an exclusive showcase of the master’s works that will for sure include many of the unforgiving energetic tracks that made his early career.


No YSR lineup can be complete without militia general C-Netik, who never stops or quits! Recently he delivered an amazing EP full of fresh hardcore vibes for PRSPCT Recordings in February – State Of Emergence – and keeps working on new material, so count on hearing the finest in Dark, Industrial and Hard style of the universe we call Drum and Bass.


BSA, another Wardog from Yellow-Stripe that brings the fucking house down when he gets in the militia family spirit, and this will not be different. He promises to bring also all his well-known tracks and much more to make you scream!


BLAST, one of our most treasured artists and Djs, has been hard at work developing his style and production, and is about to release a new EP on Future Sickness Records that proves just that! His frenetic sets don´t need a description anywere in the world, much less in Porto… So expect the expected and the unexpected from him on this night!


T-REX, the founding element of the collective, will bring you many of the fresh tracks that Yellow-Stripe Recordings was holding back to release once dancefloors reopened, as this music only makes sense with you on the front row!


This will be the first time in 3 years that we will all be together and we are more excited than ever to be together and with our MILITIA – come witness the WARDOGS in action!!


Line Up

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Locais de Venda

Locais de Venda

Event Performers

Event Date

Maio 20, 2022 - Maio 21, 2022

Event Time

12:00 AM - 07:00 AM

Ticket Price


10 EUR

Event Location

Gare Porto Rua da Madeira, Porto