About us

Who Is Yellow-Stripe ?

We are an Event Promoter, Record Label and Crew based in Porto, Portugal since 2005.

As a promoter we have booked over 200 international acts and we are a known entity for Drum and Bass Events. We run several nights such as Deep Sessions for Deep / Atmoshperic /Liquid Drum and Bass, Yellow-Stripe Recordings for label artists and Hardcore Drum and Bass Events, Yellow-Stripe Invites where we invite other labels or artists, and we are also the exclusive Therapy Sessions Portugal promoters. For Hardcore we run Torment nights. And we also run festivals such as Electric Loop Music Festival and Electric Waves Festival. We are very open to networking, as we run several partnerships with other companies or promoters. We also do Live Shows such as Concerts and more.

Who Is Yellow-Stripe Recordings ?

Yellow-Stripe Recordings is a record label that releases Vinyl, CD and Digital Music.
Our style and identity in YSR is focused on Hard Drum and Bass/ Hardcore aka PortoStep Drum and Bass. We have signed several important artists of the scene , and we also sign new producers that are talented.

Our Crew is composed by T-Rex, C-Netik, Fragz, Bsa and Blast, and for our label nights we have all the artists signed on our label, that you can check here.

What is Torment ?

These nights are probably the most “violent” Hard Dance Music events in Portugal. Torment events are Hardcore and all its subgenres. On these events you can find international acts from Mainstream Hardcore, Breakcore, Terrorcore, Frenchcore, Industrial, Uk Hardcore and any other Hardcore genre. If you are strong enough to handle something hard from 140 to over 200 bpm´s this is your best choice !

What is Therapy Sessions ?

Therapy Sessions is an Internationally acclaimed and award winning events brand of Hard and Dark Drum and Bass, born in 2000 in the UK. Its focus is bringing the darkest and hardest Drum and Bass and visual effects. Therapy started in Portugal in 2007 and since then it has been a huge success from Porto to Lisbon with Open Air Festival presence. Portugal is one of the strongest countries in the world for Therapy with some of the biggest line ups and with many high profile artists featuring regularly. These nights came to stay.

What is Deep Sessions ?

Deep Sessions are nights that Yellow-Stripe created focus on Liquid / Ambient and Deep Drum and Bass, and also old skool legends of Drum and Bass that normally take place at Gare Porto. And where we had the pleasure to have artists such as Calibre, D-Bridge, LTJ Bukem and many more.

If you are looking for clubbing nights with melodic and softer drum and bass this are the nights you should come.

Meet The Team

The Boss



Cows On Patrol Awards
Best Dnb Portuguese Promoter – 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
Best Dnb Event in Portugal – 2011

Backstage Music Dnb Awards
Best Dnb Portuguese Promoter – 2010
Best Dnb Event with Portuguese Artists – 2009, 2010
Best Dnb Event with International Artists – 2010


Cows On Patrol Awards
Best Dnb Portuguese Producer – 2008
Best Portuguese Dnb Track – 2012 “ Six Feet Ditch”

Cows On Patrol Awards
Best Portuguese Dnb DJ – 2012
Best Portuguese Dnb Track – 2012 “ Six Feet Ditch” and 2010 “Nigthmare
Best Upcoming Talent – 2010

Backstage Music Dnb Awards
Best Upcoming Talent – 2009


Cows On Patrol Awards
Best Upcoming Talent – 2009