Thrasher – Interview

garethYS : Hello Gareth, How are you?

Thrasher : Not to great tbh haha. But that’s life sometimes right?! 😉 Cant wait to get my ass over to Porto for some bromance time with my bros from different hos!

YS:  So considering this “collaboration” between this 2 “brother” labels is going on for a few years now, what is the balance you make of this nights?

Thrasher : I fucking love it. I love the Yellow Stripe crew and I know the love is mutual so perfect. Always fun to find an excuse to hang out together right?! These events manage to make that happen. J


YS: What can we expect from you on this night?

Thrasher : Lots of beer drinking and shit talking.. + I will also be playing 2 sets. The PRSPCT XTRM live show in Room 2 and I will be going back to my true Hardcore Drum & Bass roots in room one. So better get ready for a shitload of drum & bass again from my side.

YS: Prpsct is releasing a lot of new music this year, what are the next planned releases for all Prspct Labels?

Thrasher : Like always I have a ton of stuff lined up on all the different PRSPCT imprints. Drum & Bass releases by:  Switch Technique, High Rankin, Limewax, Sinister Souls, Lucy Furr, DJ Hidden, Merikan, Synthact + more. Hardcore releases by Detest & Tripped, Satan, Dolphin, [KRTM], Drokz + many more.. And Breakcore stuff by Voodoom, Deformer, Stazma The Jungle Christ etc etc etc.. The list is long as fuck.

YS: You travel the all world speading the word of Hardcore Drum and Bass, how is the scene over the world ?

Thrasher : I think the scene is great all over the globe. Its different in every country of course but overall its really good.

YS :  I know is a hard question but what are your favourite 3 countries to play and why?

Thrasher : Portugal of course!! And im not saying this to ass kiss you guys like I know Detest was doing when he wrote Portugal. The guy is a liar. His favorite countries to play in are North Korea, Iran and Ruwanda. Just so the truth is finally out there..

But back to my top 3: Portugal, The Netherlands and Colombia I think.

YS : Top 5 Tracks of the moment

Thrasher : Vibrator – Sei2ure

Superficial Extent – Merikan

Bad Boy Sound VIP – Deathmachine

Horsepowder – [KRTM]

Meat – Satan

YS : Top 5 tracks ever

Thrasher : Im to lazy to think about this at the moment. To hard to narrow it down to just 5 tracks and this its Sunday. 😉

YS : Leave a message for your fans

Thrasher : I cant wait to be back in Porto. Ive said it before and will say it again. Porto is my home from home and you guys always rock hard as fuck. Much love. Will see all of you lovely boys & girls Wednesday! <3