The Panacea Talks about Position Chrome and more

Yellow-Stripe – So this will be the second Postion Chrome label night in Portugal, and nowadays we are seeing more PC Nights around the globe. What has been the reaction from the crowds and countries to these nights?

THE PANACEA  – Position Chrome has always been a babel with a devoted following. We thrive to release quality instead of quantity. With every release i believe our audience can hear that we try to cross boundaries in favor of innovation. Our nights reflect that.

YS – PC is much more active lately , can you tell us why ? What are the future plans for the label?

THE PANACEA – We can only be active because our artists send us outstanding releases. We will continue to work with our main artists Limewax, Cooh, Counterstrike, The Panacea, High Rankin, Fragz and Gancher & Ruin to provide recordings that will outlast current trends and focus on quality.

YS – It’s impossible to have a PC label night and not ask about Fragz’s release on PC. It’s the first Portuguese artist to sign there and the release is dope. What did it take for you to want to work with João?

THE PANACEA – Fragz has been a popular figure in hard dnb for quite some time now. his sets are extremely varied, which we love, the selection and mixing is always stellar. he has released on a bunch of quality labels over the past years, and as a PC favorite it was logical we asked him for a release. 

YS – Regarding to your project The Panacea, are you cooking something new ?

THE PANACEA – A 4 track EP for Position Chrome towards the end of the year and a project with another Label nobody is going to see coming! ; )

YS – What can people expect from your Retrospective Set?

THE PANACEA – I dug through my archive and picked some of my favorite mashups…..don’t fear, i’ll play some brand-new tracks as well.

YS – Favourite 5 tracks of the moment?

THE PANACEA – 01. Counterstrike & Thrasher – The Renegades

02. Sinister Souls & Pythius – Ultimatum

03. Damage Inc – Psycho Circus (The Clamps Remix) 

04. Dyslexia & MJ Free – Collector

05. Synergy – Turn It Out

YS – What is your favourite 5 Tracks Ever?

THE PANACEA – 01. Messiah – There is no Law

02. Limewax – Untitled 666

03. Ancient Methods – Knights & Bishops

04. Dreamfish – School of Fish

05. Audio – Warehouse

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