Robyn Chaos – Interview

Robyn Chaos Interview

Yellow-Stripe : Hello Robyn , how are you?

Robyn Chaos : I´m good!! Busy getting ready for this weekends Festivities !! About to have a new dubs session

YS : Tell Us how the Therapy Sessions movement is doing around the globe.

RC : It´s still going strong! In fact we´ve had new events come in for the next year in a few countries as well as hitting 10 years in places like Hungary and Portugal next year. I never thought in 2003 that this would spark a whole movement that has carried on over a decade! Everytime I think of slowing down maybe, new countries/cities jump on board , the fans keep loving it and wanting it and the DJ´s love getting together and playing as a unit.

YS : What do you think of the Dark & Hard Scene in Portugal?robyn-chaos

RC : Portugal has developed its own style which is really cool and interessing, obviously part of Therapy´s partnership with Yellow-Stripe and thanks to awesome artists like Fragz and C-Netik who I´ve watched start from support acts to be producer/DJ´s to be reckoned with on their own merit and booked abroad!

YS : What are some of the next releases on Therapy Sessions Recordings?

RC : We have a few releases coming up!! At the end of November is our TSR006 with Hostage (one of my favourite artists) and after that we have this delicious track from Dj E called Never Say Goodbyt (Who I have known FOREVER) wich is this crazy old school sounding, but fresh rolling dark deep track. We also have this sick track from Switch Technique wich is like a Techstep Offkey style roller bit with awesome edits and cheeky stabs (I love fun tracks like that as they are both interesting and a dream to mess with in the mix) and hopefully soon have some newness from Mr Limewax (once I chase him up).

YS: Is there any new Robyn Chaos music coming out also?

RC: Yes! Well Broadmoor Blues only came out not too long ago and I tend to not make tons of output but really put my all into the few solo releases I do… they always have some meaning and background to them – when I make them its like descending into this whole alternate universe lol so I can´t afford to go off the grid too much and still take care of everything else. However, I´m probably going to remix the Dj E track as well as collabs with Switch Technique in the next few months. With so much work on with Anger Management, artists bookings, Therapy´s around the world AND our ever-growing merchandise * check out the bandcamp page! And never mind Robyn Chaos Jewellery (also check out the Etsy page) it´s just a question of fitting everything in… haha women, like grocery shopping, we always take on way too much lol but I love it.

YS: Who do you think are the new rising new talents of the moment?

RC : At the moment, I´m not really sure as there´s a bit of tendency for lots of ppl to just emulate someone else and there hasn´t been a lot of really new blood – as in ppl I don´t already know for… or ppl follow one current trend, and not make it “their own”… I´m always on the look out for a totally new sound or artists and there´s great ppl like TripleSickz, of course Fortitude, and so many great DJ´s from all the spots I visit, but producer wise I´ve really been just still pushing ppl that while not new per se, I wish were more.. Maybe not popular but understood or enjoyed and only aren´t because subtlety can be lost at the moment.. But all things work in peaks and valleys. We´re in a slightly hypernormal state of being in Art at the moment.

YS: For Therapy Sessions in Porto you will perform 2 different sets, what can we expect from them?

RC:Well the first set will be newer bits, I´m having a pretty dark moment at the minute so steppy and hard is the name of the game!! Lol the old school set. I looooove those sets so I´m sure will be some chronological history and just whatever I feel and feel the crowd feels. I never plan sets so I can´t give you any exacts… it´s a group live experience.

YS : Therapy Sessions will celebrate 10 Years in Portugal in 2017, what is the balance you make of this decade?

RC : I know !!!! Crazy right ???? Who would have thought ten years ago lol thank you maniacs.

This decade has been full of all sorts of surprises and experiments in going beyond what you thought possible, and that I love. I´ve grown up with this scene and the´s changed so much…But at the same time, Therapy has always been it´s own entity who´s ethos is not pay attention so much to what the neighbours are doing… the freedom to just to how you feel and what you want to express and have other Freaks understand. it´s still that… Some things have gotten “better” some things maybe “not to my taste” but it´s all part of the fluidity that is music paired with technology really.

YS : Your Top 5 tracks of the moment?

RC : Tera/Irritation – Hostage (TSR006 Forthcoming)

Tell Me – Fortitude

Quarks and Leptons – Switch Technique (TSR Forthcoming Dub)

Broadmoor Blues – (all mixes) Therapy Recs EP001 (Out Now)

Dead Stay Dead – Katharsys (FS Recs)

However I just got new bits so lol…

561976_447389785277750_1032213119_nYS : Your Top 5 Tracks of all time?

RC: Oh God…. Probably not written in stone but off top of head now

Metropolis – Adam F

Anything from Limewax (its all gold) – Scars on the Horizon

Anything from Audio (Same as above) – The Edge of Reason

Violent Killa / 12.01 – Dillinja & Lemon D

Thunder – Dom & Roland

There´s so much more and on a different day I may have different answer, but this is how feel today lol

YS : Leave a message for your fans !

RC : Abrigado to all my awesome demented freaks in Portugal for giving us (almost!!) a decade of dark and nasty beats, great vibes and so much love. It´s always like visiting a second home especially at Halloween, it´s always some kind of fucking insanity so let´s bloody celebrate the darkest weekend of the year with some of the darkest music in DNB!!!