Razat Interview

RAZAT [Yellow-Stripe / Division / Crate Recs]

We think that Razat is one of the most creative and exciting Portuguese producers. Besides he has been improving his technique and is getting better each track. Also like all Yellow-Stripe members he is moved by the love  to music  always  showing the maximum respect for music and its creators. These were the main reasons that led us to invite him to be part of our family which he accepted. We are really happy !   For his debut on Yellow-Stripe, he will have an EP to be released soon . As  you  guess it will be “hard” and “dark”as all our music on Yellow-Stripe Recordings . Keep your eyes and ears on this amazing and exciting Portuguese producer !!!

Yellow-Stripe – Hello Razat, First let´s welcome you in our crew and family.We are really happy! Is this something you were expecting?

RAZAT – Thank you so much, it’s an honour! I was not expecting this invitation, of course YS is THE D’n’B Label in Portugal. I’ve always looked up to YS with great pride, by creating their own genre/style of hard D’n’B with high level production quality, making consistent releases in many formats (including vinyl), releasing their own TUGA crew first, but also with the best artists on the international scene. YS always supported me from the beginning and it’s members really became my friends, but I can’t help to feel a bit surprised and honoured none the less!

YS – This will be your first release on Yellow-Stripe Recordings. What can you tell us about this release?

RAZAT – All begun with a remix I did for Freqax, I met him in Porto of course on a YS party, and we got along great. It’s a Hard Neuro twist on a big anthem! YS was interested right away, so I made a bunch of hard tracks to fit this release. This will be Razat style Hard D’n’B, don’t expect the usual stuff, hard twisted experiments with dance floor destruction capabilities! I guess I can reveal the title: “Lost Generation EP” 

YS – We are in love with the tracks of your new ep . Do you think people is expecting something like this from you?

RAZAT – I don’t think they are expecting but fans are def asking for this for a long time, so I think will be a great surprise!

YS – As people know you are known for an eclectic producer that makes a lot of music styles, what took you to produce so many styles?

RAZAT – It’s only natural to me to do this. It’s dificult and boring to me do be doing the same style all the time. So I’ve always looked to do shit outside the box and experiment, it’s also part of my evolution as a producer I’ve always had the need to learn techniques from many styles of music and try to take them out of context and thou creating something new!

YS –  You have always enjoyed the harder styles, and you have always played them on your sets, right? But why did only start working more on this styles now?

RAZAT – I’ve always made hard music, and as u said played it a lot! It’s just “again” natural to me, why now? I really don’t know. Chance?

YS – What are your main influences?

RAZAT – Noisia, The Prodigy, Tool are my TOP three! But I listen to a lot of music from Jazz to Funk to Metal, so my influences are very broad!

YS – What made you get into Bass Music?

RAZAT – By 2007 I was producing psy-trance, went to a lot of parties and was really into the scene. But it was beginning to sound boring as the psy scene was really not in a good place when it comes to different styles and approaches. I was also the same time I was in Arts School and had lots of bands and music projects. An oldshcool Duo called Mainshift (Sly & Mr Gee) used to play in campus parties, they really influenced me showing me Neurofunk and also introducing me to early dubstep, this was 2006/2007 i was stoked with the creative freedom present in these styles, and begun producing and Djing it right away. 

YS – For those who don´t know, you also run your own label Crate Recordings , can you tell us more about that label ?

RAZAT – Yes, Crate Records is the label I run, our team is trying to build a platform to alternative, innovative and exciting new projects. Much as Ninja Tune, Warp, or Stones Throw, we are not focusing so much on genres, we focus on music! We are now releasing Portuguese Rap and we also have lots of big bass electronica coming this year.

YS – What is your favourite 5 Tracks Of The Moment?

RAZAT – Noisia & The Upbeats – Deadlimit (VIP)

Ivy Lab – Magikess

Agressor Bunx – The Offering

Current Value, Optiv & CZA – Ghost Nation

Razat – d:beatd

YS – What is your favourite 5 Tracks Ever?

RAZAT – Noisia – Stigma

The Prodigy – Smack my Bitch up

Tool – Lateralus

Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

Pantera – Walk

YS – Leave a message to your fans

RAZAT – Be Free, Be yourself, don’t trust the hype! Buy a f’kin subwoofer! Feel the bass! Enjoy Life! Thank you so much! Babujal!