Blueshift is Blast project for Liquid and Deep Drum and Bass.

Blueshift – A decrease in the wavelength of radiation emitted by an approaching celestial body as a result of the Doppler effect. Objects appear bluish because the shorter wavelengths of light are at the blue end of the visible spectrum.

Blueshift is a dj/producer based in Porto.

He has been djing under the alias Blast for 7 years, in the harder drum and bass scene, as part of Yellow-stripe recs crew.
His skills on multiple deck mixing has earned him a high reputation on his country and he has played on countless events with headliners like Andy c, Friction, Noisia and D-bridge, just to name a few.
This new project is focused on deeper drum and bass vibes and some experimental downtempo, with lots of new tunes on the way.
Due to his background in arts, he has invited different illustrators to present you with their unique view of a tune.

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