Fragz talks about Position Chrome and more

Yellow-Stripe – Hello Fragz, So we will have a double show with Position Chrome in Portugal in June, you already played on PC Label nights. What can people expect from this shows?

FRAGZ – They are always very special shows, you can always hear stuff you will never hear anywhere else… From the old school to the new school… the true rave!

YS – Your release on PC is getting good feedback from the artists , and is a fucking masterpiece ! What was in your mind when you were writing this Ep?

FRAGZ – Position Chrome has always been a big inspiration since I started producing and have always been a milestone for me, so feels really good to finally drop a 4 tracker EP on this mighty label!

YS – Beside Position Chrome, we know that you sign in a lot of labels this year can you tell us some of them that can be announced to the fans already?

FRAGZ – yes! Besides the PC ep, got a new one on Algorythm which will come out soon, new PRSPCT single featuring a collab with the mighty Dj Hidden and also a collab with Hallucinator and Sinister Souls for the super special 15 years of PRSPCT vinyl, Yellow-Stripe EP with special collabs , Othercide EP, a single tune on Eatbrain and more I can’t reveal yet!

YS – What are the plans for the near future for Fragz?

FRAGZ – Making more tunes and touring around the world, I’m always up for that ! And this summer will also start my new Youtube channel with tutorials and other stuff 100% in Portuguese!

YS – You produced a few Neurofunk tracks, and people perhaps will think that you will leave Hard Dnb is that true?

FRAGZ – No, never! Some people might not know this, but my first releases were neurofunk, was always a genre I really liked… But well, as my friend Razat says ” Fuck Genres”, in this case, Sub genres ahah it’s drum and bass, as long as it’s hard hitting, it’s all good!

YS – What you think of the international Dnb scene compared with the Portuguese Dnb Scene?

FRAGZ – Well, it really depends on which country we are talking about… but general speaking, we have a good scene compared with most of the countries… I think one of our biggest issues is the amount of djs we have compared with the amount of producers… I see the new kids trying to focus way more on production than a few years ago, but still, we need more people releasing on labels abroad, that’s what will get our scene even bigger!

YS – You have basicly played all over the Europe, what is the country or city that you haven´t played yet and you would love to?

FRAGZ – yes, been pretty much in every country in Europe, and already got a south america tour being planned, but would love to play in the States one day!

YS – What was your favourite 2 shows in 2016 , and 2017 until the moment?

FRAGZ – Last year I guess PRSPCT XL (Rotterdam) and Therapy Sessions Russia ( Saint Petersburg) were my favorites! This year Bangface UK was siiiick and I’m really looking forward to Let It Roll Open Air (Czech Republic)

YS – What is your favourite 5 Tracks Of The Moment?

FRAGZ – Merikan – Superficial Extent

The Clamps – FTDS

Pythius, Optiv & CZA – Battlecruiser

Counterstrike – Abnormal Levels Of Agression

Fragz & Disphonia – Blind

YS – What is your favourite 5 Tracks Ever?

FRAGZ – That´s hard one but I can try!

Receptor – Rhyno

Katharsys – The Scraper

The Panacea & Limewax – OMG Klonk

Noisia & The Upbeats – Sacrifice

Current Value & Raiden – RM Bleeps

YS – Leave a message to your fans

FRAGZ – Thanks for the support throughout these years and I promise to keep working to leave you guys with the best music possible 🙂

LISTEN FRAGZ – Trigger Finger EP on Position Chrome