BSA – Let It Be Ep // OUT NOW


BSA´s new EP on Yellow-Stripe Recordings ” Let It Be EP” that will hit the streets on 13th July 2020, meanwhile we drop you the Single of the Ep and also the clips for the rest of the EP ! 

If you want to have access to “Get High MFs” NOW ! Just Pre-Order this piece of art on our Bandcamp !

As we slowly return to our scheduled activities, what better way to do it than with a fresh new release by one of our most sought-after artists?

BSA is back with a solo release made up of certified Yellow-Stripe Recordings sounds, made for the dancefloor.

The EP kicks off with ‘Fly With Me’, featuring BSA´s trademark housey vocals and dreamy melodies, coupled with a killer drop and hook. ‘Get High MF´s’, made to lift you up and blast you off properly on a musical high, big hard drums and signature sound design by this skilled veteran. ‘Let It Be’ is the title track for this release, crazy vocals and a hypnotic bassline that are perfect to let loose on a powerful system with summer rave vibes. Rounding off this great piece is ‘You Should Know’, a mandatory track for any up-to-date harder styles set, filled with classic YSR throwback elements but still looking to the future, mixing up different subgenres and influences well known to fans of BSA’s catalog.

Listen and/or grab these fresh tracks, made for fans of Yellow-Stripe!


BSA – Let It Be Ep

01 – BSA – Fly With Me

02 – BSA – Get High MFs

03 – BSA – Let It Be

04 – BSA – You Should Know

Let it Be Ep Clips :

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BSA – Let It Be (Full EP on Youtube):

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