YSCAST #1 – Acid Diaper

YSCAST #1 - Acid Diaper Interview

Yellow-Stripe : – Since you guys managed to be on the most well kept secrets on the scene, is there anything you can tell us about you? Something that no one knows?

Acid Diaper : wai wi sekret? wi life ukrainse in taun kahl Жашків, soohri mei inglisch no gue. mouther sei ei agly faze so ei wer mascks on staidsch.

YS : Can you tell us something about the forthcoming release on Yellow Stripe Recordings? What can people expect from it?

AD : wi ar best end mostest populistest EDM grup vromm ukrainse wis big audienz in Жашків, wi meik partie and cum sumetims more dan 30 pipels!! aur trex hart and pamping wis lovely vokal and partie effekt.



YS : This January, you will be performing for the first time in Porto, do you think the portuguese crowd is ready for the AD live show?

AD: sarrie ei dount anderstant. wat is dat wort portugese???

YS : What are your plans for 2016 in terms of releases and gigs?

AD : in ukrainse is still 2015, wi zelebrade se nu jear diffrent tyme, bekauz wi differnet. dis jear wi will make recording for labels POSITION CHROME by gott dj fromm se europ PANACEA and make hopfull record for Q-DANCE


YS : Why the name “Acid Diaper” ?

AD : wei nott?

YS : Top 5 tracks of 2015 ?

AD : whas?


Acid Diaper