Lucy Furr – Interview














Yellow-Stripe : Hello Malin, how are you?

Lucy Furr : Fine thanks! Pretty busy combining music with my daytime job. Too many great projects to work on!

jjxipiakYS : Good to see that you are spending more time with Lucy Furr project in the studio, and that this time in studio is giving “fruits” you are having a lot of requests for Dnb sets, and you are deff one of the most respected female artists in the scene. What are your next steps for this project?

LF: I used to focus more on hardcore and have dnb as a side project, just because I love it so much. But it’s true, I grow more and more into drum and bass and I have to be honest, it’s the best scene in electronic dance music! 😉 The vibe between colleagues and the crowd is great and it’s more about music than all the other bullshit surrounding it. I am currently finishing my new ep, which contains some very interesting collabs!

YS : You have been already in Portugal for Yellow-Stripe & Prspct events , unfortnelly the last time you played as Miss Hysteria there was a few technical problems from the venue that didn´t let you finish your set properly, so have you prepared something even harder to this night? 

LF : Offcourse! I Don’t need technical problems to make an extra hard comeback! I have a lot of fresh new stuff waiting to be played so prepare!

YS : How does it feel to be a woman in this men´s world of electronic dance music, we know that in the hardcore scene there is a few , but even so is still a market that have more mens that womens. Do you feel that have been harder or easier for you to get in the scene for being a woman?  

LF: Well, I like hanging around with the guys..less drama! (and more beer) But I really do respect my fellow female colleagues, and some of them are good friends of mine. Being a girl could be easier in some occasions  because you can use your looks if you want to to get noticed. But it’s also harder to get taken seriously, as a lot of female dj’s are ghost produced projects. (so people assume I must be one of them) But really…I don’t care. I am in for the music and everybody should follow the one path that makes them happy.

YS : What have you planned for 2017? 

LF : I planned to invest less time in my daytime job and more in music. So…expect more releases!! J I am also moving to another town and planning to build a whole new studio. There are also already some very interesting gigs and festivals in my agenda for 2017 so I can’t wait for that!

miss-hysteria-2YS : Drum and Bass or Hardcore?   

LF : Ah fuck this….oke Drum and bass..

YS : Top 5 Tracks of the moment


  1. Merikan – Superficial
  2. Cooh – Teroma (Counterstrike remix)
  3. Switch Technique & Hostage – Scars
  4. BSA – Prophecy
  5. Audio & Prolix feat Nuklear – Creatures

YS : Top 5 tracks ever

LF : So many great tracks…This is hard…Tracks I used to play a lot:

  1. Gein & Counterstrike – Pentagram
  2. Eye-D & Hidden – Battlefield
  3. Sinister Souls – Skull Splitter
  4. Catacomb – Trashmouth
  5. Donny – Medieval Beating (Audio remix)

YS : Leave a message for your fans

LF : Aight, see you Wednesday the 7th!