Do I have to create an account to buy on your shop ?

No, you only need to insert your details that will be the same that we will use for shipping, and then proceed the payment.

What advantages do I have if I create an account ?

You will have several advantages such as you will receive all our news like news events, releases, merchandise products. You will have several discounts and offers exclusive for your registed customers.

How do I make download of my files ?

If you have a registed account , after you make your payment you just need to go to your account at “My Account” and you will find your files for download.

If you don´t have a registed account , you will receive an email after your payment is done, and you just need to click on the name of the track/release you bought for the download start automatically.

If you payment is done by Paypal or Credit Card your download will be ready instantly if you make bank transfer your download will only be ready after beetween 5 and 7 days .

How can I make download of Free Releases ?

If you are making download of a Free Release uou just need to click “Download”, and download will start automatically. If you are downloading a Podcast or Live Mix, you need to hit “Download” button, and you will be forward to a external page, and then just hit “download” button on the top left corner and the download will start automatically.

Digital :

What is the format (bit rate) I will download at Yellow-Stripe Shop ?

The only format we sell at our shop is  MP3 / 320 kbps.
However if you want Wav or any other format you can find at any of this stores/plataforms iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport, Juno, Yellow-Stripe Recordings bandcamp, and many more.

How many times can I download my file ?

You don´t have limited time for download , however the download can only be done one time.


How is my order sent ?

Your orders will be sent by CTT (Regular Mail) .

Where will my order be shipped for ?

Your order will be sent for the address and details you use for your order. If you want us to sent for a different address please send a email with your order number for contact@yellow-stripe.com

When will my order by sent ?

The orders are sent between 2 or 3 days.

If the product is sold out can I make an order ?

No, our Merchandise products are always limited editions , and we rarely re-press.

What are the dimensions and brands of your Merchandise ?

For you know the details about our products , please check the description of the products on our shop.