Detest Interview



Yellow-Stripe : Hello Daniel, How are you?

Detest : Thankz, i am fine and ready for next week.

YS:  Your new album is out already, what have been the reaction of the people to it?

detest1Detest : I can tall u the reaction is wonderful. The people like it buy it listen to it and love it. Im pretty happy and of course im also happy and thankful about that huge remixes i got from TOA, Limewax, Thrasher&  DJ Producer .

YS: What have you got planned for next year?

Detest :A lot! Exiting collabs, a new project and of course a bunch of own trackz .

YS:  You already played in Portugal a few times, and including Yellow-Stripe & Prspct events here so you know what to expect, but what can people expect from you this night?

Detest :New trackz a fucking big smile in my face and some merch from my album 😉

YS: How came up the idea of Prspct Xtrm Live Show ?  

Detest :The idea was with Thrasher together if i remember right….we drunk some beers and he told me always about his passion for makeup. He wanted a kind of Rocky Horror Picture Live Show with a lot of dildos,  gay porno banners and massive pink snares . I was asking for a bit less gay influence, he agreed finally and PRPSCT XTRM was born.

YS: As you have been touring all over the world what are you favourite 3 countries to play?

Detest : PORTUGAL (of course;) every other country after…^^



YS : Top 5 Tracks of the moment

Detest :

Detest –  Witch Hunt TOA RMX

BSA – Clubwalker

Satan – Meat

Xaturate – Dreadfull

Sei2ure – Vibrator


detest2YS : Top 5 tracks ever

Detest :

The Teknoist – Closing up VIP

DJ Producer  – True Creator P 2

Scheme Boy – Section 20

TOA – Hells Basement

The Hard Way – Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers

YS : Leave a message for your fans