BSA – Interview and Premiere “Vox” EP


YS – Hey BSA, you have had a bunch of releases lately, from “Clubwalker” on Prspct, to your collab with Blast on Yellow-Stripe Recs , where do you get your inspiration?

BSA – Well, inspiration its something you don´t choose to happen, but you can do and feel things that will give you more inspiration if you work hard on something. On the do side i like to keep the bloop running in my veins everyday. It helps you get more oxygen to your brain and thus feeling more creative and able to do work. I also almost don´t see television or football so i can get more spare time to dedicate to music. On the feel side, its impossible not to get super inspired when you have the privilege to play regularly to such an amazing crowd in Portugal and also in some other countries. Feeling the crowds energy really inspires you to do music and i think djing is an important part of making good productions.

YS – This latest release is one of your best solo works for us, and the tracks have a different atmosphere and vibe, what drove you to make this?

BSA – People that follow my work are aware that i am not the industrial kind of producer in the way i often put dreamy feelings and melodies in my tracks. I love pure electronic rawness and often i made that kind of tracks but i can never resist to show some love in my productions to the ones that really feel them in the dancefloor without concerns about genre or trends. And sometimes, between super kicks, basses, and snares is good to travel deep within the music with some soundscapes wich is something that happens a lot in this EP.

YS – What is your favourite track of this EP ?

BSA – Thats a tricky question to answer honestly. All of them where my favourite in different times of the process of finishing the ep as a whole. At the moment i am answering this i can say “way back” is the favourite one.

YS – Which of the tracks on this EP gave you more work and headaches to build ?

BSA – In a positive way, Give me Your Love.

capa2YS – TOP 10 Tracks Ever:

BSA – Audio – No Soul

Pendulum – Another Planet

Adam F Feat MOP – Stand Clear (Origin Unknown Remix)

Dillinja – Fast Car

Moving Fusion – Turbulance

Donny – Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix)

Limewax – Untilted 666

Stakka & Skynet Feat Konflict – Bios

Shy Fx & T-Power – Shake Your Body

Ed Rush & Optical – PacMan

YS – What are your plans for the future?

BSA – I am planning to do an album wich is something i feel its natural to happen after a few EPs. Not planning to close myself in the studio doing it but rather keep doing things as i always done, compiling ideas, tracks and start to sort some history amongst them in order to create something that has some kind of meaning.

YS – Leave some words for your fans.

BSA – Normally i prefer to talk with music for those who appreciate it, but i think people that follows my work and djsets knows that its something i do because i love to do. Its my vibe, my art and the only way i can love it is because of every single person that in a way or other feel or ever felt my music.