Yellow-Stripe 12 Years Of Mayhem – T-Shirt & Sweater and more news about our shop

Regarding our Shop / Merchandise :
The team had a hard time taking care of the label, promotion, agency and merchandise all at same time, being unable to manage all these things at once, and with increasing volume and amount of work. So we finally decided to deliver our shop to a person that can be available for it “24/7”, and we decided to change a few things:
First we remove all Sold Out items from the shop, to be easier and faster for you to choose.
-For everything related with our shop please contact :
-Pre-orders will never be more than 2-3 weeks (if we reach the minimum quantity we will produce before the pre-order is over, we will not reprint the same model, or make it available)
-We will have more designs and less quantity which will make our t-shirts more exclusive
-We are working with a new brand for t-shirts and hoodies with premium quality
-All orders will be sent within a week
-We will have all Yellow-Stripe Crew artist t-shirt designs selling at our shop
-We will bundle merchandise products with music releases
-We will have new and different products besides t-shirts and physical releases
-We are also preparing several different stickers for you guys
To all the people that have not received their orders yet, please be patient with this transition. Our goal is to have everything sent until end of August, the orders that are pending + new orders .
Beside all that we are starting pre-order of the new designs now!
Regarding our old “Yellow-Stripe logo” t-shirt there was a slight delay because of holiday season however we think that until end of august we will have all orders sent.
Like we said the models will be very limited, because we preffer them to be exclusive so there will be only 50 T-Shirts and 15 Sweat´s . So if you want to be exclusive grab it while you can.
This Special Edition will only be shipped after our bday 9th September.
Oh and Like we gonna have a package for who will come to the party and can buy Ticket + T-Shirt free of Shipping, we are giving away the complete “Yellow-Stripe Essentials #1” for for immediate download !

Ticket for Yellow-Stripe 12 Years Of Mayhem @ Hard Club :

Thank you. For any further questions please e-mail

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